About the owners

Nadine and Robin Beck  had the cottage build higher up against the mountain,  so that they could offer their family, or and visiting authors private accommodation while touring South Africa.

It then became a self catering cottage when there was a need for holiday visitors during the festive season. They have also let the cottage out for a few month at a time to authors, and to people who are looking to buy in our area and need to get the feel of  Clovelly, Kalkbay or Fish hoek.

Today the cottage, and the small hide away room and full bathroom is rented out on a full time basis. There vision was always to create a small comunity on their property with like minded people.

Nadine and Robin live in the main house and they run their publishing company from there. The bottom of their home was a library for a few years but the plan is to covert this space for their authors to use it as a speaking venue, workshops or a community meeting place.

We publish and distribute books that make a difference to people’s lives.
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Kima Global Publishers & Distributors  Company Information.

Kima Global Publishers was founded in 1992 by Robin Beck. Armed with a background in printing and commitment to his vision he started off in a small office not much bigger than a cloakroom.

We are a globally based independent publisher and book distributor with a head office in Cape Town, South Africa offering a unique range of body, mind & spirit books & Ebooks. Kima Global celebrates its 21st year in the book business this year 2012 and we are committed to publishing books that provide readers with alternatives to the materialistic values of the current culture and promote self-awareness, the recognition of interdependence and compassion. Our subject areas include:

NON FICTION: Practical Esoterics, Alternative Healing: Alternative Medicine; Holistic;Therapies,Healthy eating, Philosophy: Controversial Topics; Self help, Animal communication, New Age ideas, Practical spirituality, and UFO topics.

FICTION: Spiritual-Visionary, Fantasy, Paranormal, Metaphysical, Angels & Demons and Science fiction for adults, teens or young adults
All our printed titles are printed and sold globally as well as in South Africa. In 2010 we started producing ebooks for all the ereaders on the global market.

This site is your entrance to the book world of your choice. At the click of a mouse you can discover books on almost any alternative subjects, If you are not able to find what you are looking for do not hesitate to contact us.

For us at Kima Global, publishing is a passion and the process of it, an art. Our authors are the best in their spheres; eminent editors tenderly nurture our manuscripts and our proofs are comprehensively tested for quality. Our in-house production centre forms the backbone of our quality control system. Our distribution network has one of the widest reaches in the world.

If you are in search of a publisher we invite you to visit our Getting Published web site. We are one of the few remaining publishers who are still considering unsolicited manuscripts. Find out about the publishing process; what is involved, the obligations and rewards, why you should never consider vanity publishing, learn what to do to get your book noticed, how having a book published can help your career and lots more. What does it take to join the Kima Global family of authors and be represented all over the world? Kima Global can offer individualized attention and care to its own authors. The company ethos is to honour the light in all individuals by operating our business in accordance with the highest possible standards.

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